Monday, October 12, 2009


The other day I was able to make it to The Copley Society after work. 

I had been interested in visiting this gallery for a long time.  The  view from the sidewalk allows you to see most of what is going on in the main room and if you approach the entrance, you can get a peek of what is on display on the lower level.  This gallery always seems to have an event or showing going on when I walk by.  According to their website:
          The gallery hosts between 15 and 20 exhibitions each year, including solo exhibitions,    
     thematic group shows, juried competitions, and fundraising events.

The space itself was very simple - a long, rectanguar room on the second floor stretched back from the entrance.I was able to walk in and around without being greeted or disturbed, even after I had made my way to the assistant's desk at the back.  There was nothing about the room that detracted from the artwork.  On the other hand, there was not much in the way of unique character to the gallery which seemed intentionally left up to the featured artists and their exhibits.  I started with a neutral feel about the gallery at first.  This place was ideal for a quick poke-around after a rough day of work when I might not be so eager to interact with people.  When I did try to initiate a basic conversation about upcoming events, the website, and such, I found it hard to draw out much information.  I got the feeling that I was being a nuisance, asking novice questions about Co\So and quickly decided I could get what I needed from the website [ ]

In back was a very small, secondary gallery.  Inside, I managed to have an excellent conversation with a former member about the attitude of galleries in general.  She was an former member of Co\So and knew to visit often.  We agreed that there was a general sense of mystery and intimidation surrounding the numerous galleries on Newbury St. and that the greater public might very well benefit from an easy sight from where to get information on openings, times, locations, etc.  Our all-to-brief exchange left me eager to spend more time on developing this blog.

I look forward to spending more time looking through the website and its extensive directory of artists.  This gallery will make for an excellet escape from the mental strain of the oncoming winter and holiday season.  I would definitely recommend researching Co\So for upcoming shows and events, or just pop in for a look-around.  This is not a gallery to pass up if you find yourself in the area.

 If you are curious about joing the society, the website is an excellent place to start:[ ]

Tues-Sat 11:00-6:00, Sunday 12:00-5:00
Closed Monday (open by appointment)

(617) 536-5049

Directions: To 158 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

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